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Land - Rusínska Cesta

The land is almost in the center of Presov. The area is 34 488 m2 big. Plots of land are recorded at the ownership deed no. 14313. Plots have a flat surface. Distance from the center is within 5 min by foot. In the closest area are located individual family houses.


Under the approved land use plan of the city Prešov and in light of the opinion of the functional use of land, there can be built estate properties with basic facilities related public amenities - recreation and sports facilities, catering.

The land is close to the center of Presov in a greenfield area around the river Sekčov. Parcels of target area are bordered from the west by family houses with gardens on Vychodna street. From the North the border is Rusinska Cesta street, from the east it is the old river bed Sekčov and from the south-east - east in the neighborhoods is industrial areal ZPA. The land is currently unused. In the land use plan of city Presov is currently this land in evidence as urban green space. Around the land is no border, there are no objects on the land and the access road is in our ownership. All utilities are on the property.

Connection to sewerage pipes passing through the area of ŽB DN 400mm, connection to the electricity network is Close from the passing southern part of the site 22kV high voltage, as well as connection to the gas network is from a nearby gas pipeline in the southern part of the site STL - DCA-300-OCL as well as the connection to the water network is from a nearby water pipe in the southern part of the site LT DN 200mm. During implementation of the planned construction there will be not needed  transhipment of the existing utilities.

Urban design and organization of the territory is determined by the orientation and shape of the land and the possibilities of its connection to the existing communications network. The aim of the solution is to create a compact residential complex, in relation to the wider environment, with the possibility of prospective development on available adjacent parcels. The proposed set of residential buildings constitutes a separate entity with its own connection to the road network. Respects the characteristics of the territory (shape, slope).

Martin Matuska,
Jun 20, 2013, 6:19 AM