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Sport and recreation area - Relax Park Bačkov

The village Bačkov lies on the edge of the mountains Slánske vrchy, in valley of Bačkov´s stream, 8 km for Dargov´s pass, 5 km from the city Sečovce, near Košice. The site is directly connected to the existing transport infrastructure. There are plans to build a motorway section in the direction of Košice-Ukrainian border, so this location will be much more attractive.  


The land area is ​​approximately 250 hectares. Within planning of sports and recreational area is the state of readiness of the project 
  • The study of area morphology
  • Geological Survey study of geothermal borehole
  • A geophysics study of geothermal borehole 
  • Survey of geothermal borehole 
  • 1500 m of casings pipes purchased for geothermal well
  • Land owned by - 150 ha within the boundaries of village and 80 hectares in the rural area of the boundary of village
  • Court with 11 buildings
  • Change in local plan according to the study, which also includes a golf course
  • Processed DVD visualization (3D) in English and Slovak – Bačkov RELAX PARK
  • Reduced environmental study and we are working on a comprehensive EIA
  • Machines for cutting and mulching plots



Information on planned complex:


According to local plan of village Bačkov (changed in 2010) is scheduled sport and recreation center with multi-purpose building houses, houses, water park, golf course, spa town, horseback riding and climbing adrenaline-wood. We have worked for over 10 years on this project.

Adlen, Ltd. owns about 250 hectares of land in the cadastral territory of village Bačkov, of which 150 hectares is one unit. By need a larger area is able to lump together 250 hectares. It is possible to change zoning plan by the next investor.

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Martin Matuska,
Mar 20, 2013, 5:52 AM